The Babysitter #25

Monday, October 25, 2010



The Babysitter #25

Stars: Audrey Hollander, Tobi Pacific, Vanessa Lynn, Kaci Starr, Evelyn Lin, Mr. Knight

Evelyn had read scary stories all night to the kid asleep. Hope she doesn’t have nightmares, Evelyn thought. But look who’s having the scary thoughts now. Is there really a monster in the hallway? And why is his penis so big and hard?Mr. Knight was quite enamored with the young, little redhead who had babysat his kids that afternoon. He was dying to see what that sweet little pussy must look like. Dare he proposition his sitter? What the fuck, you only live once.Vanessa was warned not to have friends over while she was working. And especially no boys or alcohol. Why can’t these young girls ever learn? And let’s hope these little sluts never do, as it’s an ass fucking, cock sucking time for all.What a naughty little sister. Being involved in an extortion scheme. But what fun! Being able to fuck and get paid for it. Just thinking about the terrible things she did made her pussy so horny.



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File Name : 0010_18M_The_Babysitter_25.wmv

File Size : 811.71 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:27:00

Cherries 58

Monday, October 25, 2010



Cherries 58

Stars: Alex, Courtney, Autumn, AJ Tremor, Lexy Lohan

Welcome to another installment of Xplor’s award-winning teen amateur series. What makes this series such a big seller is that many of these barley legal teens are experimenting with on-camera sex for the first time. Sometimes, the girls will move out to making more porn, but more often than not, this is the only place you will ever see these girls on DVD. This I what teen amateur is really all about!!!!



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File Name : 0011_18M_Cherries_58.wmv

File Size : 983.15 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:44:38

Tiny Tit Teens 5

Monday, October 25, 2010



Tiny Tit Teens 5

Stars: Temptation, Angel Long, Ryan Meadows, Ashley Shye, Gwen

These tiny titted tens love to show off in this hardcore feature as they go for broke and have the time of their young lives! With gorgeous young hotties like Temptation and Angel Long you know the your in for a long ride! Cum get the best of little boobed teens!



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File Name : 0012_18M_Tiny_Tit_Teens_5.wmv

File Size : 872.26 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:32:47

The Babysitter #27

Monday, October 25, 2010



The Babysitter #27

Stars: Naomi, Cassidy, Kendra, Aubrey

Get ready to loose your shit cause these girls are hot, young and wanting cock! These horny little things are going to get theirs! It’s another hot chapter of dirty young girls who use babysitting gigs as a way to fuck and suck themselves silly. Mark these bitches down as the filthiest in town!



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File Size : 937.52 MB

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Duration : 01:42:49

My Stepfather Made Me!

Monday, October 25, 2010



My Stepfather Made Me!

Stars: Herschel Savage, Lee Stone, Alex Sanders, Scott Styles, Dirty Harry, Christine Alexis, Rachel Milan, Kelly Skyline, Summer Verona, Dakoda Brookes

Real fantasies do cum true! Come see what these amateur sluts can do! We’re talking sweet girls like Dakoda Brookes, girls who seduce and make you so horny for the pussy! And like Summer Verona, an amazing 18-year-old and brand new! And she’s just the tip of the iceberg! So much more freaky kinky sex than you can imagine!



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File Size : 1507.35 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 02:42:00

It’s A Daddy Thing!

Monday, October 25, 2010



It’s A Daddy Thing!

Stars: Dick Nasty, Herschel Savage, Mya Mason, Roscoe Bowltree, Naomi, Dave Cummings, Mick Blue, Veronica Jett, Charlotte Stokely, Lela Star

Patrick Collins presents an assemblage of the smuttiest, cock teasing teens in porn, in Elegant Angels It’s A Daddy Thing. This brand new off the wall title features two jam-packed hours of filthy, young whores provocatively seducing older guys. Cum to Poppa!



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File Name : 0004_18M_Its_A_Daddy_Thing.wmv

File Size : 1161.06 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 02:11:58


Monday, October 25, 2010




Stars: Hollie Stevens, Kami Andrews, Flower Tucci, Brianna Beach, Jason Steele

Slave2Lust presents a tribute to the Master of taboo sex “Kirdy Stevens”. An interfamily relationships series, inspired by the classic “Taboo” trilogy. Join us through this deliciously dark tale that will have you asking yourself the same questions proposed over two decades ago: “Would I do this?” Well, maybe not. But I sure love seeing my neighbor’s family getting it on! Do not miss it!



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File Size : 1567.14 MB

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Duration : 01:59:32

Tiny Tit Teens #7

Monday, October 25, 2010



Tiny Tit Teens #7

Stars: Ashley, Brick Majors, Johnny Thrust, Ted Hunter, Cameron James, Beth, Dominika, Luke, Johnny Zinn, Kelle Rose

Flat is where it’s at! These little titted teenagers are just dying to take their newly budding breasts for a hardcore spin. This in one joy ride you don’t want to miss! These girls are apart of the itty bitty titty committee and they don’t care. Who needs big knockers when your pussy is tight?



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File Size : 951.27 MB

Resolution : 480×360

Duration : 01:41:14

100% Pure Amateur Teens

Monday, October 25, 2010



100% Pure Amateur Teens

Stars: Jade Jillis, Brandy Ann Lee, Sissy Freeman, Brita White, Amy Russel

This movie features plenty of barely legal AMATEUR teens fucking for the first time on camera. Don’t be deceived by their innocent looks, because these vixens are 100% Pure Nasty!! Jade Jillis, Brandy Ann Lee, Sissy Freeman, Brita White and Amy Russel are five teens who know their way around a cock. They may be young, dumb, and full of cum and that’s just the way they want it to be!



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Duration : 02:02:00