Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 2

Saturday, December 4, 2010



Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 2

Stars: Lynn LeMay, Sandy, Nicole Moore, Kaci Starr, Magdalene, Leah Livingston, Hayden Night

Witness sensual exploration in all it’s glory as beautiful mothers and daughters mix with other romance-minded mom-daughter pairs. Girlfriends films has long been noted as providing quite simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video.This second edition to the Mother Daughter Exchange Club is certainly no exception.Watch in true ecstasy as Hayden Night and “friends” perform at the top of their game with an unbelievably passionate edge that combines all of the hot cunnilingus, scissoring and hard-driving strap-on action you’ve no doubt come to expect from the Exchange Club!



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Duration : 02:52:00

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